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Consultations are free of charge.

At your consultation we discuss the look you want to achieve and get your exact measurements to be able to get the exact hair you need. We will also cover information with regards to the process and costs involved. 



The weaving technique is not new,

our technique is!

Sanda is certified in single track weaving method and hand-tied weft production by NOISM in Germany. While this extension method is well known all over the UK and offered within hair salons and shops I am proud to say that I am able to offer a very unique methods of working and high quality, ethically sourced human hair extensions to my clients that is different to any other hair extension specialist.


What seems like simple braids with wefts of hair woven (using thread) onto the braids is much more than that. Behind this extension method is a sophisticated braiding system that makes it possible for the braids to be braided along the scalp and to be able to support extensions over an extended period of time. Every customer gets a weft specifically measured according to each individual client's needs. The whole set of this kind can contain 3-6 braided rows. Depending on the number of grams to be distributed and the general condition of the scalp, we are able to determine how many hair wefts the set will consist of. Our micro-wefts are hand made by us and then processed to be custom-made, spending on average of 30 hours with a weight of 100 grams of hair. 


For this craft to be worthwhile we only use high quality raw, virgin hair usually sourced from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. In contrast to the wholesale, factory made hair extensions which are dominant in the current market, the hair we use is completely transparent in its origin. This means, we are able to tell exactly where the hair comes from, i.e. from which city, the age and sex of the donor. We never stock this type of hair because it is a niche product - each client gets a hair donor specifically suitable for their hair only. This matching includes the texture, porosity level, density, hair thickness and colour.

This extension method is most suitable for very thin, thin and fine hair who cannot take large amount of weight. These extensions are undetectable, meaning the tracks are well hidden so when it's windy no extensions will be seen! The single track weave extensions can be worn without breaks, they are lightweight, comfortable to wear and dries quickly after washing. You will be given care instructions at the consultation to help you understand good hair-care practices that will increase your hair growth potential within a short period of time. If you feel this extension method may be of your interest, please book the consultation to find in depth-information. You can also see the FAQ section on the website to find more about single track weaves.

The price for the installation of hair extensions start at £70 and end at £130. We calculate the production of a weft making (knotting and sewing to measure) with a gram price in the sense of £3.00 g. It depends on how much material, what length and weight is needed.

Example calculation:

Suppose we need 100 g of hair, 45 cm in length

£3.00 / g x 100 = £300 hair costs

£3.00 / g x 100 = £300 weft making, made to measure

£70 installation


£670 total (This is just a sample calculation)

The cost of purchasing hair and weft making, made to measure is a one-off fee! ​Installation is every 2 months and is the only fee payable after that.

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