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are prepared to make it easy and quickly for clients to find specific answers to their questions before contacting us directly.

The questions below are prepared for clients interested in the Single Track Weave Extension Method. Please read them before contacting us directly.

Where are you located?

I am based in my garden room in Sheddocksley. Hair braiding services are by appointment only, address: Hillswick road, Aberdeen, AB16 6WB.

Can't find an appointment?

Appointments can only be booked 14 days in advance. If you don't see any days available on the booking system, that means I am fully booked for the next 14 days only. Check daily for new openings and cancellations within that 14 day time frame - spots are limited and get booked immediately.

How should I have my hair when I arrive for my appointment?

Hair must be clean, brushed through and free of knots. Braids look better and last longer on hair that has some natural oil in it, so please wash you hair at least 2 days before your appointment and do not attempt to straight your hair unless advised otherwise. If your hair is naturally coarse, please blow-dry them straight. 

How long does my hair need to be to have braids with extension?

For most braided styles ALL your natural hair must end just below shoulders. For full head of braids your hair can be 8 cm long. However, braids are not recommended for people with a tendency for alopecia as braids can cause further hair loss and breakage to your edges. 

Can braids harm/damage my own hair?

Not all braided hairstyles are recommended for every hair type. Choosing the correct braiding technique for individual clients’ natural hair texture whilst taking into consideration length, thickness and weight of braids should cause no damage, breakage or harm to your natural hair. If you are unsure, please email us and we will be happy to advise.

I have bleached and damaged hair, can I have braids?

Braids are for everyone! However, when your hair is naturally damaged it may not always be the best option to have tight braids or long term-braided hairstyles due different chemicals that have previously been used on your natural hair that can cause further damage. While it may seem a safe option, there will be a fair bit of breakage, especially at the ends of your hair. However, don't be intimidated by this, take some time to moisturise your hair before appointment. Deep conditions and hot oil treatments are vital, so try to avoid all chemicals and hair styling tools if you want to grow healthy hair and have braids with extension. Please try not to use any chemicals at least 1 month before your appointment or wait until you have about half an inch of new hair growth before you have your hair braided. 

How long will my braids last?

Braids last forever, so the real question is how long do they look good for? This depends on the thickness, length and size of braids as well as the thickness of your own natural hair. It also depends how well you look after them. Here are some approximate times based on our clients feedback for most popular styles:

Boxer braids:

Boxer braids usually stay neat on average for 3 days. However, most clients would get anywhere between 2-14 days if using sleeping cap. This style is not suitable for naturally thick hair!


With or without extensions (more than 4 braids) stay neat from 5-21 days.

Braided Pony:

Depending on the amount of braids, braided pony usually stays neat for around 5- 28 days.

Box braids (full head of braids):

Kids box braids usually last from 2 - 4 weeks. Adults get anywhere between 3 weeks to 2 months. This will depend on the thickness of braids you are after (small/medium/large).

Boys braids:

With or without extensions cornrows stay neat from 7-14 days. With single braids (box braids) you should get anywhere between 14 to 21 days.


How long does it take to do braids?

This varies depending on the braided hairstyle. Please see the section BRAIDS, where you will see the average duration for each service.

Ae synthetic hair included in the price / can I bring my own hair extensions with me?

Synthetic hair is included in our price list and we refuse to work with any other hair. After confirming your appointment you will be sent a colour chart and asked to pick your colours beforehand.

How to maintain my braids so they last longer?

We all want to keep the braids pretty as long as we can while also avoiding lose frizzy hair. If you originally come with 2-4 day old hair this already helps as the natural oil in your hair stops the hair in the braids from slipping. We suggest using silk scarf when going to bed, which is highly recommended by our clients who have purchased and tested the scarf. This can be purchased for extra £5 on the day of your appointment.

I want to have braids for my holidays, what can you recommend?

That depends on the type of holidays you are going to. Having short braided hairstyles might be better if you are planning to go for a beach holiday. When it comes to longer lasting braided styles, such as box braids -sea salt can cause some major dry out to your hair and lead to severe hair breakage, while sand cannot be completely washed off and make it difficult to remove the braids. You also need to remember to protect your scalp from the risk of sunburn. Please contact us to discuss possible hairstyle alternatives. 


Can I swim with braided extensions?

While swimming is not recommended whilst having braids as this will cause frizz, there's nothing to stop you. It's more about how you care for your braids afterwards. After swimming, always wash your braids and rinse thoroughly with water because the longer chlorine or salt water sits in your hair, the more they can dry your scalp out. Also, always remember to towel dry your hair as it takes time for braids to dry out completely. 



Is it possible to have braids without a break?

It all depends on the braiding hairstyle. For heavy and long braids, such as box braids, we recommend taking breaks between sessions. On the other hand, cornrow braided hairstyles can be worn without interruption 365 days a year, provided that they have been safely installed.

Is my hair supposed to fall out after having braids?

When you are taking out braids after an extended period of time, you may notice that you are 'losing' your natural hair. Typically after wearing braids for a certain period of time, there can be a massive amount of shed hair that needs to be removed. On a daily basis a person is losing on average 80 strands of hair per day, so the longer you have the braids in for the more shed hair you are going to have. Let me emphasise that this is a natural process that everyone goes through. You must remember that you are seeing all the hairs accumulated over the life of your style all at once.

My scalp is itching very badly, what can I do about it?

If you are having a long term braided style, the hair has already been washed to avoid rashes, itching or even red bumps. For an extra sensitive scalp, an apple cider vinegar mixed with water (50:50 ratio) can be used even after the braiding. Use a spray bottle and apply the mixture to the scalp and allow to work for about 15 minutes. This neutralises the Ph value on the scalp and prevents dandruff. Then rinse thoroughly. This will disinfect and refresh the scalp.


Do I have to remove the braids myself?

99% of our clients remove their braids independently or with the help of friends or relatives. Please find instructions below.

How to safely remove braids without damaging your hair?

You need to remove braids carefully and slowly to avoid damaging your own hair. It can be time-consuming , especially after wearing box braids. First of all, you need to cut the extensions off - one braid at a time just 2 inches below where your natural hair ends. Next, unbraid the hair and when you have taken all extensions out, detangle you natural hair. This is the part where you may experience a lot of shedding while detangling, so don't be alarmed! It's possible that your roots have begun to mat together, especially after wearing box braids - gently pull these sections apart by using your fingers. Next step would be to use some oil spray or leave in conditioner to help you get the matt out- spray it on your roots and comb from the bottom and work your way up until the section is thoroughly detangled. If you decide to not detangle all your hair, particularly roots it can lead to matting and hair breakage. Section unbraided hair out of the way before moving to the next one. Once all the hair has been detangled, it's time to cleanse your hair and scalp - gently massage your scalp by adding shampoo. You'll probably see even more shed hair. After shampooing, you can use a regular rinse-out conditioner, but a deep conditioning treatment is much better since it's been a while your loose hair was drenched in moisture. Before considering getting braids again, please give your scalp and hairline some time to breath and adjust to not holding onto the extra weight. It's a good idea to wait at least 2-4 weeks before getting your next set of extensions.

Can you braid my hair if I'm already wearing hair extensions?

It is doable, but it’s not always possible to completely hide your extensions as we need to section/lift the hair for the style you are after and your extensions may be in a way.

Can I hire you to braid at an event?

Yes! Please facebook message or email me the following details: date, time & location of the event.

I have not received a confirmation message, is my appointment confirmed?

Please make sure you have provided an accurate mobile phone number and an email address. A confirmation message is sent after we have received a photo of your natural hair from the back to see the length and make sure the style you have booked is suitable for your hair. To make the booking process easier and faster for both of us, please message on FACEBOOK after you have booked your slot or email to

Are you a hairdresser?

No, I am a braid stylist but Braidland is an officially registered business. I have 7 years experience in hair braiding and I hold a certificate by @NOISM hairculture in Single Track Weaving and Weft Production.

Do you keep a cancellation list?

No, all cancellations are posted on my facebook page and instagram.


Do you do collaborations?

Absolutely! Please get in touch to discuss any partnership options!


How old is Braidland?

Braidland (previously known as Beauboxbraids) was established in January 2017.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, I do. Gift vouchers are valid for up to 6 months from the date of purchase. You can choose any value starting at £5. This must be presented at time of service. All gift vouchers are non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. Gift vouchers can be redeemed online when booking a hair braiding service or when shopping our bespoke hairpieces.

Are you mobile?

Not for individual services, unless it’s a birthday party or any other event.

Do you accept card?

Yes, both cash and card are available payment options.

My hair is very thin. Would weave extensions damage my natural hair?

We are using a very unique braiding technique developed for Caucasian hair that allows braiding process to be harmless and pain free, ensuring that even the finest hair can be braided very neat and gentle. 

I am worried that hair wefts will be visible, is there something you can do?

In your first consultation, we will take a close look at your head shape, measure your head circumference, closely analyse your hair texture and make sure you get wefts tailored to your needs. Thus, you do not need to worry about possible visibility of the wefts, providing that you follow our care instructions.

How often is the maintenance appointment?

As a rule, every two months is an appropriate time to have the maintenance appointment. However, this information is only a guideline. The rate of hair growth, as well as the hair type and amount of hair wefts play an important part in determining the period of time for a maintenance service.

Is weaving method damaging to natural hair?

Absolutely not. The weaving technique was taught to us by NOISM Hair Culture who have been mastering this extension method for many years. We are able to provide safe and comfortable extension installation. With this technique,  we are not using any hair damaging aids, such as glue or heat - the attachment of the wefts is done only with a special needle and cotton thread. Weave extensions can be removed completely without damaging consequences, providing you follow our care instructions.

Can I still dye my hair while having wave extensions?

Human-hair weaves can get damaged from colouring just like the hair growing from your scalp. Best time to touch up roots is in between the extension installations. If inevitable, only the top part of your roots can be dyed. Never dye your hair where the wefts are installed. Please make sure to go to a professional colourist - we can offer a consultation with one of our colour specialists in our salon.

Will my hair still naturally shed with weave extensions?

Hair growth cycle includes 3 stages – Anagen, Catagen and Telogen Phase all of which have an impact on your shedding hair. On average, hair tends to grow 1cm per month and will grow much faster in summer months in comparison to the winter. When hair comes to the Telogen Phase, your hair will naturally start to shed, and on a healthy head of hair this can be around 120 hairs a day, which is a large number but has no impact on the look of your hair. When you have hair extensions, the natural shedding hair becomes trapped in the braids, which will collect and gather until the braid is removed. By brushing your hair regularly, it prevents the shedding hair from becoming tangled and matted towards the root. The reason for why we advise brushing your at least twice a day is if not done so, it can make the removal and maintenance process more difficult. The maintenance appointment will help to remove all of your natural shedding. After wearing extensions for around 2 months your hair will naturally shed around 7000 to 8000, so it may seem like a lot. There is no need for you to be concerned as your hair constantly replaces itself during the growth cycles.

How long can the wefts be used for?

Our hand-knotted wefts can be used for 5 years ++ if maintaining proper care. We ask to take thoughtful action when making colour changes, so that the high quality wefts are not harmed.

I would like to extend my hair - what should I do?

Before it comes to extensions, a consultation is mandatory! This will be charged £15 and can be booked on the website under Extensions. In this consultation we take 60 minutes to educate you on how we work and the processes involved. We will measure your head, analyse the condition of your natural hair and discuss the ways to achieve desired outcome. It is important for us that you have an opportunity for the information to sink before deciding to have this extension method. Once we have seen what hair is needed, we start looking for the suitable hair. After purchasing the hair, we begin to work on making the wefts. This process can take around  3-4 weeks. A goodie bag with products and care instructions is included in the price.

How much does it cost?

Exact price information is only possible after a consultation. Depending on the hair type, price variations can be possible. The minimum price for the purchase of hair, the wefts and the customisation of wefts begin at about £600. This is an example for a small number of grams needed for an individual to extend their hair. 

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