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To make your experience as relaxing as possible, please allow about 5 minutes of time to find the place.


When scheduling an appointment for braids, please make sure to send a photo of your natural hair from the back to see the length. When all information will be collected you will receive a confirmation statement with a date, time, location and instructions on how to prepare your hair, as well as colour charts to choose your colour preference. Please reply to the confirmation statement to confirm your attendance. Should you need to cancel, reschedule or make a change to your existing appointment, please contact us ASAP.



All clients must come with hair being clean, washed, blow dried straight and free of knots - NO EXCEPTIONS. For braided ponytails please blow dry hair as straight as you can get it. Braids look better and last longer on hair that has some natural oil in it. Pease wash your hair at least 2-4 days (for kids this may need to be even longer) before your appointment. Hair must be free from products, gels or leave-in conditioners.



Braidland reserves the right to refuse services to anyone demonstrating inappropriate behaviour. Being prepared for your hair braiding appointment is just as important as the appointment itself – please make sure to follow instructions when a confirmation message is sent out to you. Please note, if you have attempted to book your appointment more than three times but have cancelled every appointment, you are no longer welcome to book any services with us.



Last minute cancellations have a great impact on our business. Because of this, services costing under £40 require £5 non-refundable deposit, services costing under £100 require £30 deposit and services costing over £100 require £50 non-refundable deposit that goes towards the cost of service fee and can paid via cash or card. This is usually required at the time of booking or can be negotiated if you need to pay at a later day. Deposits are non-refundable.



Please send us a message or give us a call if you are running late. We adhere to a 10 minute late policy. If you are running late more than 10 minutes past your appointment time, you might be asked to pay a late payment fee of £10. Due to high demand of hair braiding appointments during festival season, your appointment may be cancelled. Upon booking, the time is reserved exclusively for you to avoid conflicting with another client’s appointment time.



If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, without contacting Braidland to cancel, you will be required to pay in full before booking any hair braiding services in future. Payments can be made via cash, card or we can send you an invoice to your email address.



We understand that sometimes circumstances beyond your control may mean you have to cancel your appointment. In order to respect the time of both our clients and staff, we simply ask that you notify of a cancellation or reschedule in a timely manner. Please give at least 48 hours notice, as a courtesy, if you need to cancel. We cannot offer refunds due to clients we turn away ensuring your appointment is held. We understand this policy may be frustrating for clients who have to cancel for genuine reasons. Please be aware that prior to your appointment, careful time and preparation is needed to prepare the braiding hair to deliver best possible service, therefore we reserve the right to retain the full deposit fee if you fail to reschedule.



If deposit has been paid but you want to reschedule to a different date, please note, you can only reschedule once but if you fail to reschedule within 3 months or fail to come to your appointment second time, your deposit will be lost. Please be aware, during festival season, it may not always be possible to reschedule on your preferred date, therefore we will only be able to offer times that are available to us.



There are no refunds on any hair braiding services. If you do not like the service during the process or you are not satisfied with the end result please advise us immediately. We are happy to schedule a corrective service free of charge. The service must be a mistake from the service provider, not something you might have changed your mind after the service has been performed.



Children are welcome to come along, however please ensure they are not causing any disruptions during your appointment and are happy to wait for the whole duration.



Information collected from you is only used if it is necessary for one of the reasons specified in the General Data Protection Regulation. For more information, please read the full privacy notice at

If you have any concerns, please contact us using the details provided in my privacy notice.

   Before requesting or making an appointment, please take the time to thoroughly read our T&C, as no exceptions apply. If you have any questions please read the FAQ section.
For any other enquiries, please feel free to contact us on

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